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Tue, Dec. 18th, 2007, 07:04 pm
Houston We Have A Problem

All day I waited for the magic word to grant me access to the world wide web. I'm trying to get a web page to showcase my comics. But, I can't get started until I receive the secret word to grant me access. The password was supposed to arrive in minutes but that didn't happen so I sent an e-mail as I was instructed to and am still waiting for a reply. I've even tried to sign in again after setting up a new e-mail account with another provider the host recommended but that didn't work either. I'll admit to being more or less computer illiterate and was counting on my wife's computer skills to help me out if and when necessary. But, she'll be starting another round of 12 hour shifts at the hospital on Thursday and I'll be left to my own devices once again. The trouble is I can't drive an automobile and still use a Crow Quill pen to ink my comic strips. Me on a computer is like a caveman piloting a rocket ship.