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Sat, Dec. 29th, 2007, 05:12 pm
Web Comics and Cartoon Books

I'm still trying to get my web comic started, although I have absolutely no clue as to what I am doing. I am doing it out of necessity more than anything else, as I live deep in the heart of nowhere and the internet is my only contact with the outside world. Today, I downloaded an article entitled How To Get Your Comics On-Line. But I'm afraid that it reads like techno-babble to me. Hopefully, once I get my password and can actually get on-line it will make more sense. Meanwhile, back in the real world, some of my very favorite cartoonists are putting out new comic books that will be printed on paper like they used to be in the silver age. However, getting a hold of these brand new comics may prove to be challenging. James A. Owen has picked up where he left off in Mythopolis with the first new Starchild in years. But it is not available from Coppervale International yet, nor from it's publisher, Desperado. I managed to find an issue on-line at http://www.hydracomics.com and I hope that they will carry all the other titles I am interested in too. Dave Sim (the creator of Cerebus) has a new book coming out sometime in March but according to his website http://www.glamourpusscomic.com subscriptions are not available and there are no comic book stores anywhere near here. Jeff Smith and Terry Moore both have new books as well. Now, in my opinion Bone never lived up to the hype and Strangers in Paradise wasn't really my cup of tea either. But Smith's RASL looks really interesting and Moore's Echo is intriguing also. Both books are set in the desert and since that is where I live now, they seem to be appropriate reading material, especially if subscriptions are readily available from Cartoon Books and Abstract Studio respectively.