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Thu, Dec. 27th, 2007, 07:00 pm
My Beat Attitude

Everyone thinks that just because I live in Arizona it's always as hot as Yuma here. But, Chinle's elevation makes temperatures drop down pretty low sometimes. In fact, this morning I woke to find the red dirt in my yard covered by a blanket of white snow. I also awoke to the bad news from Pakistan of Benazir Bhutto's assassination. It seems to me as if the political climate is changing toward thermonuclear power plays and a new cold war. Is this the worlds' leaders answer to global warming? Our own president swears on the Holy Bible but he seems to have skipped over the Beatitudes in favor of The Book of Revelation. Anyway, I felt the sudden need to get registered to vote in Arizona and I was first in line at the local D.M.V. when they opened the doors after lunch. I got my new state I.D. and registered to vote at the same time, thanks to the Motor Voter Act. Although, I'm afraid that by the time the Arizona primary rolls around it'll all be over but the shouting. One thing I'll miss about living in Iowa is being an early part of the political process. However, I won't miss shoveling all that snow.