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Thu, Sep. 1st, 2011, 12:01 am
Postscript and Preview!

I want to thank all the "Weekly"readers that bothered to eyeball "The Arid Zone"each Wednesday for both their patience and their extreme dedication. Since I only posted a mere 1/2 page of comics each week I'd be the first to admit that no one could actually have been expected to follow the story's sustained narrative for this long. However, I do sincerely hope that now that the story is finally complete that a few people may find the time to read it from start to finish and try to make sense of it all. You can start here…

 …then just click the latter date in the lower left hand corner to advance the story. There are a total of 47 episodes in all. I obviously owe Lewis Carroll not only a great debt but an apology as well. My more astute readers will have noticed already I made several very deliberate "Wonderland" and "Through the Looking- Glass" references in my story early on. Then as "The Arid Zone" came to it's conclusion I found myself using Wilhelm Reich's pseudoscience to explain everything in one final information dump. So, I probably owe him a "fiver" and an apology too.  

Although I am currently working on a new "Midnight Agents" comic book and newspaper strip I already have yet another comic finished and I will be posting it next. "Jonin" is a wordless Manga meditation yet whether or not it works as a pantomime remains to be seen. Someday, I may actually add dialogue balloons and captions to the story but for now at least it is what it is and I hope I can count on each of you to check it out as well. Kwakw'ah!